Likud MK Boaz Bismuth spoke with Arutz Sheva - Israel National News and addressed the question of wavering international support for the war against Hamas as it enters its second week. "I would say that any honest person who seeks peace, prosperity, and normalcy in the world is on Israel's side and will be in the future. After the atrocities a week ago, we can see clearly who is evil and who is the normal, good country in the region."

"People speak of the political or military branch of Hamas - there is no political branch, no military branch. They are a barbarian organization. One mustn't forget those images of women being raped, of children being slaughtered, and they cheered and filmed it and celebrated. The world must know that civilians participated, they came in after the terrorists and joined in. We must remember that as we speak, women, children, little kids, elderly women, and Holocaust survivors, are in Gaza. How can you tell me, and the world right now, that you are not on the side of Israel? If you are not on the side of Israel, you are on the side of evil. Anyone right now who supports the Palestinian joy is cooperating with evil."

Bismuth also talks about the consequences of waning support for Israel: "Israel has its codes and morals, and that's why we're so proud of Israel. We speak for a country where before it attacks, it does everything to prevent civilians from being hurt, we even warn where we're going to attack. I come from a country where missiles protect civilians, and we're now dealing with people where kids or hospitals protect missiles. Let nobody try to teach Israel lessons."

"We have had many cycles of violence in Israel. People have been waiting with a stopwatch, counting the minutes until we stop the war. This time, I must say, all the means - but against the military, because we are not terrorists, and more than that, we are human beings. But this time, all the military means. There will be a big difference this time - we know the target, we know the aim. We cannot stop. We cannot finish this war until Hamas is destroyed to the point that not one militant has the capacity to shoot so much as a single bullet from a pistol. I want this cycle to be different from the other cycles of violence we had in 2018 and 2012 and 2008. This time, it's war, and Israel is going to win."

"Our friends in the world, and especially in America, must understand that this war is also their war. It's good against evil, and evil will win."

Bismuth says that the goal of the war is clear to all already: "The president has already given the answer to 'what's the goal of the war -destroy Hamas. It's clear to everybody. Leave us alone for a moment - would you say to contain al-Qaeda? Would you check if the political branch of ISIS is interested in negotiations? Say that to the international media and people will think you're insane. It's about time the world understands that we're dealing here with a terrorist group, one of the most evil operating in the world right now, and we are the ones that are supposed to smash them. There must be consensus in the world, and the international community must back us because as I have said before and will say again, this war is their war. It's good versus evil, and good must win."