Let's talk about the civilians in Gaza.

Are they to be considered innocent?

An innocent civilian is a regular person who cares for his family and tries to do good in the world and there's no reason why they should get hurt.

But a mother of a terrorist who encouraged and educated her son to kill innocent civilians, and expresses how proud she is after he did so.
Is she innocent?

Well of course she didn't perpetrate the act itself, her son did, but it was she who sent him to do so.

Anyone who refers to that mother as an innocent civilian has a deep moral problem.

How about the family of a terrorist?
Those who express how proud they are of their brother who murdered innocent children in their beds.
Are they an innocent family?

How about the society? The people that handed out sweets after innocent families were wiped out by their friends?

The culture that glorifies terrorists, name streets after them, call newborns in their names, pays monthly salaries to the terrorists’ family and so much more...

Is that society to be considered innocent?

True they were not the ones to pull the trigger, but every Hamas terrorist knew that no one in his society will condemn him.
And that by killing innocent civilians he will become a figure to be admired and idolized by his people.

Over a thousand Jews in 24 hours were violently slaughtered and not one voice, not one.
No commentator,
no religious leader,
no organization coming out of Gaza condemning these horrific actions.

Could this kind of society, these kinds of people be considered innocent?

Anyone who thinks so is actively responsible for the killing of innocent civilians and has a very big moral problem.