Hamas terrorists
Hamas terroristsAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

A tracking officer at the IDF's Re'im base in southern Israel, Lt. Col. M., showed resourcefulness during the Hamas attack on Saturday and saved the lives of the wives and children of the officers who were staying at the division's headquarters for the holiday.

During the fight against the terrorists who infiltrated the base, there was a significant fear that they would reach the rooms where the officers' wives and her children were sheltering.

Walla! reports how Lt. Col. M deceived dozens of terrorists who tried to infiltrate the camp.

One of the young trackers took off his uniform shirt, left dressed in a white undershirt and called to the terrorists in Arabic: "Come here, come to me."

During the exchange of fire, he tried to convince them to come closer to him and thus come out of their hiding places. The deception worked and the terrorists, who thought it was one of them, approached the tracker.

At this point, Lt. Col. M. fired at them from close range and killed them. "This action saved many lives," the officers praised him.

In addition, it was described how the tracking officer left with a number of trackers in a jeep from the entrance gate of the base and at the nearby intersection spotted a motorcycle convoy making its way to the division and opened fire on it. After that he retreated back to the gate and started repelling them with small arms fire.

The terrorists retreated, and he informed the division headquarters about the ground attack and immediately demanded that all the children of the commanders be transferred to the central headquarters, and called on everyone who had a rifle to come to the entrance gate and fight.