prepping the missile for launch
prepping the missile for launchIDF Spokesperson

The newest missile ships of the Israeli Navy, the Saar 6-class crusiers Oz and Magen, carried out naval bombardments towards the Gaza Strip as part of the fighting.

As part of these attacks, a facility for the production of weapons, a guard post, and an observation post of the naval force of the terrorist organization Hamas were attacked.

The development process of 'Saar 6' model ships and the exercise conducted in the last two years expands the portfolio of operational and offensive capabilities of the Navy and the IDF.

The missile ships carry combat systems made in Israel that are among the most advanced in the world, and have precision fire control systems.

In recent months, three 'Saar 6' type ships have completed a training process carried out several months apart from each other.

Earlier today (Monday) documentation was published of the destruction of dozens of operational headquarters and mortar launching positions.

In addition, the military headquarters of Ali Kachi, one of the commanders in the Najaba force of the terrorist organization Hamas, who was eliminated a few days ago, was destroyed.

IDF warplanes killed a number of Hamas terrorists while they were in the terrorist organization's military compound.