President Isaac Herzog diplays the handbook
President Isaac Herzog diplays the handbookScreenshot

President Isaac Herzog on Sunday, in an interview with CNN, presented evidence found on Hamas terrorists following the barbaric attack on the people of Israel a week ago. He showed viewers a booklet entitled “The Warrior's Guide - Jihad Version”, issued and distributed by Hamas to terrorists in the field.

In addition, the President presented shocking photos of atrocities in the massacre at Kibbutz Be’eri, which he visited this morning.

In the booklet, recovered on the battlefield from a Hamas terrorist who was killed after taking part in the attack on Israel, terrorists are advised in detail on how to carry out the kidnapping. According to the description, the kidnappers are required to create chaos and intimidation, coercing and blindfolding captives, using electric shocks, and instructing them to execute any person who may pose a threat or distraction. They were also instructed to collect the captives and use them as human shields, if necessary, without distinction of religion, race, or sex.

According to the barbaric text, similar to the terrorist organization ISIS, the terrorists are required to document their actions by livestreaming and executing hostages.

Also in the manual was a chapter explaining IDF ranks and their importance, as well as an explanation of the IDF’s means of warfare and technological capabilities.

Like – and even worse than ISIS – the text places cruel brutality at the heart of Hamas’ actions.

In his interview, the President said, “We are faced with an extremely cruel, inhumane ending enemy which we have to uproot with no mercy. This was found on the body of one of the terrorists, this booklet is an instruction guide on how to go into a civilian premises, into a kibbutz, a city, a moshav, and how to break in. And first thing, what do you do when you find the citizens? You torture them? This is the booklet - it says exactly how to torture them, how to abduct them, how to kidnap them. So therefore, the story is not Israel versus Palestinians or Judaism versus Islam - God forbid - the story is about humans, humanity, are we with the good or with evil, that's where humanity should stand. And the battle that we are carrying out now, as a nation rising up as a lion, is against evil, and we will uproot evil so that there will be good for the entire region and the world”.

He added, “There is no justification. It is simply an ISIS-type ideology that wants to eliminate us off the ground, and therefore, they need to be eliminated off the ground.”