IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari
IDF Spokesperson Daniel HagariGideon Markowicz/TPS

IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said on Sunday that it is evident that the Hezbollah terror organization is working with Iranian support to intentionally escalate the situation in northern Israel.

"Hezbollah is working to escalate tensions on the northern border under the order and with the support of Iran. Israel has a strong army that is prepared to operate on two fronts and even more. We are fully coordinated with the US to ensure our national interests are protected," Hagari stated.

He mentioned the southern front and stated: "We eliminated in recent days several Hamas commanders who led the murderous attack on the State of Israel. From Wadi Gaza to the south, there are conditions that allow for you to stay. Hamas is under great pressure, it is losing legitimacy in the world and the legitimacy of its own people.

Despite Hamas's efforts, more than 600 thousand Gazans evacuated to the south," he added.

Hagari also stated that substantial efforts are being made to tend to the issue of the captives and missing persons. "We are making a great effort in the issue of the captives. It is our top priority. Until now, we updated 289 families of fallen soldiers and 155 families of captives."