Kfar Aza after Hamas attack
Kfar Aza after Hamas attackHaim Goldberg/Flash 90

The full scale of the Hamas massacre in the kibbutz of Kfar Aza near the Israeli border with Gaza has been revealed: 52 residents were murdered by terrorists, seven were confirmed to have been abducted to Gaza, and 13 residents are still missing more than a week after the massacre and their fates are unknown.

In addition, at this stage, it is known that 25 residents of Kibbutz Nahal Oz were murdered, while the fate of 80 other residents is still unknown.

Last week, the IDF allowed foreign media outlets into Kfar Aza to witness and document the atrocities that were committed in the kibbutz.

The Sky News correspondent at the scene said that "what happened in Kfar Gaza can only be described as a massacre, with shocking evidence of families who were caught in an unimaginable terror".

"I saw the stretcher-bearers find the body of a small child from one of the houses. They carried his body without saying a word, and put it in the car, alongside the bodies of other residents who were murdered while trying to hide or defend themselves."