QalqiliyaFlash 90

An IDF reserve officer, the late Capt. Jacob Nedlin, 36 years old from Or Akiva, who served in the 7037th Battalion in the Samaria Brigade, was killed during an operational activity by Israeli forces near the village of Imtin in the Samaria Regional Brigade.

A preliminary investigation reveals that IDF soldiers engaged in operational activity were chasing suspects who threw stones at a military vehicle.

The force spotted a suspicious vehicle with a gunman and fired at the vehicle. At the same time, another force that responded to the report arrived at the scene and was apparently injured as a result of the shooting. The reserve officer was killed and an IDF soldier who was standing next to him was slightly wounded.

The military police began an investigation into the circumstances of the incident. Upon completion the findings will be submitted to the military attorney's office for examination.

In addition, a suspension of operations was announced in the division and its units pending retraining, in order to prevent the recurrence of similar cases.