Germany's Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, burst into tears on Friday during a meeting with two Israeli families whose loved ones were abducted to Gaza.

Baerbock, who came to Israel for a visit of solidarity and support, had earlier been shows some horrific videos filmed by Hamas terrorists during the group’s deadly attack on Israel, and asked her Israeli hosts to take a break for a few minutes to recover from the horrifying scenes.

The visit also included a tour of a site in Netivot where a rocket fired from Gaza exploded, killing three members of one family and a tour of the situation room in Netivot.

Speaking to reporters alongside Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, Baerbock said, “In these horrible days, we, the people of Germany, are standing with you, we’re feeling with you, we are all Israelis in these days.”

“I would like to convey our deepest solidarity from the government of Germany, but also from the people of Germany to all the people of Israel,” she added.

“I am shocked not only as the Foreign Minister of Germany, but as a human being, a mother and a daughter.”

Baerbock also said that Hamas is using Gaza residents as a “shield” and added, “Hamas has taken the entire population of Gaza hostage."

“Their tunnels, their weapons depots and command centers are deliberately located in residential buildings, supermarkets and universities. Maybe even in hospitals,” Baerbock said.

Foreign Minister Cohen said, "On Saturday, the most Jews were murdered at once since the Holocaust. This chilling piece of information does not give us rest and it takes on a special meaning in a joint tour with the Foreign Minister of Germany, one of the biggest and closest allies of the State of Israel.

“I am full of appreciation for Minister Baerbock for coming to Israel and for the firm stand of all of Germany alongside the people of Israel at this difficult time. Germany stands by the people of Israel and supports our right to protect our citizens against the murderous terrorist organization Hamas,” added Cohen.

“These solidarity visits strengthen international support for Israel and expose the visitors to the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists,” he stated.

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