The IDF announced that IAF aircraft, with the help of aerial intelligence, attacked dozens of positions used by the terrorist organization Hamas to launch hostile drones, which were built inside and on the roofs of the houses of the residents of the Gaza Strip.

"The Hamas terrorist organization uses the roofs of residential homes in the Gaza Strip as launch sites for its hostile UAVs. Based on IDF intelligence, IAF aircraft targeted dozens of these launch sites. This is further proof Hamas deliberately uses civilian buildings for military purposes. The IDF will continue to operate in order to destroy Hamas' hostile UAV capabilities," the IDF statement said.

The IDF emphasized that Air Force craft destroyed dozens of these Hamas positions.

Hamas's UAV array was tested during Operation Guardian of the Walls, during which the terrorist organization attempted to implement a number of plans to launch UAVs that failed - some were intercepted by the Air Force and some fell due to technical malfunctions.

Since then, Hamas has invested a great deal of effort in developing the array and making it more technologically advanced, with the help of Iranian support.