Under the instruction of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eli Cohen, the Deputy Director for Asia and the Pacific at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Rafi Harpaz, spoke yesterday with the Chinese special envoy to the Middle East, Zhai Jun.

Harpaz expressed Israel's deep disappointment with the Chinese statements and media releases on latest events in southern Israel. In these messages, there is no clear and unambiguous condemnation of the terrible attack and heinous massacre committed by the terrorist organization Hamas against innocent civilians and the abduction of dozens of them to Gaza.

There is neither an element regarding Israel's right to defend itself and its citizens, a fundamental right of any sovereign state that was attacked in an unprecedented manner and with cruelty that has no place in human society.

The Chinese readouts, which include an expression of "sadness in view of the large number of civilians injured as a result of the conflict", condemnation of "actions that harm civilians" and a call for an "immediate ceasefire", do not align with and misrepresent the tragic events and horrors of the last few days