Shunit Dekel, an EMT from the tow of Talmei Yosef in southern Israel, tells Arutz Sheva - Israel National News how she found out about the Hamas invasion while on a trip to Poland. "My children were in Ein Habesor in southern Israel. They heard gunshots, so they came into the house. They don't have a shelter, but their father has a gun. They were crying because of the shooting. I tried to calm them down, telling them it was our soldiers shooting and not the terrorists."

Shunit rushed to Israel immediately. "I heard about it Saturday morning and arrived in Israel Saturday afternoon. I couldn't get to my kids because the moshav was a closed area. I took my uniform and went to the MDA station in Ofakim. They gave me an ambulance, and I started to do the missions they gave me."

Shunit recounts her first glimpses of the tragedy: "They sent me on the main road past all the kibbutzim near the Gaza Strip. There were cars all over the road with bullet holes and dead bodies. It was hard to see, but we had to go. We saw a flashlight on the road and didn't know if it was an escaped victim or a terrorist. We asked for soldiers to join us, but we were driving too fast and rushed past the light. When we came back there, we saw that soldiers had arrested a terrorist - and he had a flashlight in his hand."

Shunit says that the soldiers themselves shocked her: "I met soldiers with parts of missiles in their backs, in their eyes, with a broken arm. They refuse to be taken to the hospitals. They might allow me to apply a bandage, but then they are back in the field with their friends."

"I only met my kids on Sunday evening after they'd been inside for thirty-six hours without any food. Finally, I was able to sleep. I slept for about six hours, and since then, I've been on my ambulance with my team."

Shunit says the event is far from over. "A lot of my friends are either dead or in Gaza, and a lot are still missing. I hope the government and the world can see what we're going through here. It is very hard, but we're doing a great job. We have a great army and great people. I say to the government, please bring back all the women, the children, and the soldiers. Life won't be the same without them."