Community security chief
Community security chiefAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Elia Natan Lilintal. Kibbutz Sufa's security chief, eliminated terrorists from the window of his home's bathroom - and then went out to protect the residents with the rest of the kibbutz's security team.

Lilintal.succeeded in saving over 200 of his kibbutz's residents from the fate which befell communities along the Gaza border.

"I'm really emotional," he recalled to Kan News. "Until that moment I did not understand how many lives I saved, I'm still digesting what I did. It's a great merit."

He added, "I managed to take out the first cell. It turns out that they whole cell was only four. They came right beside my house. I managed to take them down even before I left my house - that's what gave us time, to start to get organized, to get together a security squad."

"We succeeded in repelling dozens of terrorists at the kibbutz fence. We were a total of six people against I don't know how many terrorists."

"At five to seven, the first sounds of gunshots were heard in the kibbutz. I saw four terrorists, they saw me, I saw that they were better armed than I was. They looked at me, I went back into the house. I had no protective gear - the protective gear was in the car. I looked out of the bathroom window and I saw two terrorists going through my neighbor's car. Through the bathroom window, I managed to take them both down. After about ten minutes, from the same bathroom window, I saw another two terrorists. I shot one of them, he fell right away, the other managed to escape to behind the bomb shelter. He threw a grenade and found a different place to shelter, behind another bomb shelter. He peeked out again - and I managed to take him down."

"I called the officer, I told him, 'When are they coming here to help us?' Even before I left my home. He immediately told me, 'I have two officers down - just manage.' So I understood that there wasn't anything else to do, and I started to go outside."

"Suddenly I saw a terrorist on the other side of the barrier. I jumped from behind - they started hurling grenades at me. I thought there was one terrorist - afterwards they told me that there were more than ten...a lot of bursts. They threw three grenades at me there, and that was it, after that I went backwards again."

Kibbutz Sufa lost three of its members to the terrorists - much less than in some other communities. One of those who was killed was a member of the security squad, who had risked his life to save the entire kibbutz.

"Am Israel chai," he said. "We will win, I have no doubt. There are many heroes, many stories of heroism. I am just one little part of this whole incident."

Upon his arrival at the hotel to which residents of the Gaza border area were evacuated, Lilintal.was met with a hero's reception.

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