ISIS flag found in Kibbutz Sufa
ISIS flag found in Kibbutz SufaIDF spokesperson

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari on Thursday morning said that an ISIS flag was found by Israeli security forces at the site of the massacre in Kibbutz Sufa.

"We will even the score with anyone who was involved in planning and carrying out [the attack]," Hagari said.

"We take the horrific video clips, identify those who carried out the horrors, cross-check his face, and we will pursue him - in every place in Gaza they will have no immunity."

Hagari warned Gazans against attempting to breach the border fence, saying, "Anyone who comes close to the fence will be killed."

Earlier on Thursday, Hagari said that the rocket fire from Gaza is decreasing because Hamas is rationing its weapons.

"Hamas is managing its ammunitions econonmics, because they understand that the war will take a period of a few weeks, and so they are firing less, placing an emphasis on once or twice a day towards the center of the country," he said.