IDF strikes on Gaza
IDF strikes on GazaAtia Mohammed/Flash90

Commander of the IDF's Home Front Command Rafi Milo has clarified that Hamas is rationing its weapons, to only a few dozen each day, because it understands that the current war will take at least a few weeks.

"Hamas is managing its ammunitions econonmics, because they understand that the war will take a period of a few weeks, and so they are firing less, placing an emphasis on once or twice a day towards the center of the country," he said.

"Our first task was to evacuate all of the residents from the area near Gaza," he said. "This event is not simple due to the number of terrorists who were in the area. If there is a northern front, the residents will be evacuated in accordance with an organized plan."

Regarding the air raid sirens which sounded Wednesday night through the Home Front Command's app, Milo explained, "I ordered to release people from their protected spaces, and a soldier made a mistake and ordered people to enter their protected spaces."

Regarding the warning of hostile aircraft in northern Israel, he said, "There was a case of misidentifying an aerial invasion, and we understood the mistake after half an hour."

Milo also said that at the end of the war, "there will be no Hamas."