Ahmed Tibi
Ahmed TibiChaim Goldberg/Flash 90

MK Ahmed Tibi said on Wednesday that the Arab leadership in Israel opposes the war while refraining from condemning Hamas after its brutal terrorist attack against Israel.

In an interview with the Arab-Israeli Hala TV, Tibi said that the Arab leadership in Israel opposes the war "from a principled and humane point of view".

Asked to comment on the call by senior Hamas officials to Israeli Arabs to join the fighting, Tibi replied, "We have a uniqueness as residents living in Israel, and this uniqueness obligates us regarding the way we fight and the means of struggle we use."

"Our fight is a public, political, legal, media and popular fight. We are far from military activity, and therefore we want to continue this pattern of fighting as residents of this country, far from violence."

Tibi pointed out that "the main task of the Arab leadership is to protect the Arab public and in particular from those who are lurking and trying to implement plans to harm it."

“We are peace seekers, far from the war and want it to end,” said Tibi, adding that “the women and children who were kidnapped to Gaza should be returned in exchange for the release of women and minors held in Israeli prisons."