US President Joe Biden spoke on Wednesday to heads of Jewish organizations following the murderous Hamas attack on Israel.

"I have directed the protection of Jews in America, and we will never allow antisemitism, and there is no place for hate crimes in the US," he made clear.

"I never thought that I would see pictures of terrorists beheading children," he said.

"I spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu again this morning, and already we're sending additional military systems to the Israeli Defense Forces, including ammunition, interceptors to replenish the Iron Dome and we moved a US carrier fleet to the Eastern Mediterranean and more fighter jets to that region," stated Biden.

“As I said yesterday, my commitment to Israel’s security and the safety of the Jewish people is unshakable. The United States has Israel’s back and I have yours as well, both at home and abroad.”

“The miracle of Israel is Israel itself. The hope it inspires. The light it represents to the world. I was asked in one of my very frank conversations with Bibi and [President] Herzog why do I feel so deeply about this? It’s not about the region. I truly believe that were there no Israel, no Jew in the world will be ultimately safe. It’s the only ultimate guarantee.”

"I have known Bibi for 40 years and we have frank conversations. I told him that with all the anger and frustration it is important that Israel operates in Gaza according to the rules of war," said Biden.

He also said that he had delivered a warning to Iran in the wake of the Hamas attacks. "I told the Iranians - be careful".