Joachim Kuhs
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The EU foreign affairs representative Josep Borrell announced yesterday that the EU would continue funding the terrorist "state" of "Palestine". On Monday, the European “Neighborhood Commissioner”, Olivér Várhelyi, had announced the EU would suspend all payments to the Palestinian Authority. Várhelyi said the EU is placing 691 million euro of support “under review” after the horrific Hamas assault on Israel. “All payments immediately suspended. All projects put under review.”

The Foreign Minister of Austria Alexander Schallenberg announced that Austria would be suspending all aid to “Palestine” pending further review as well. “The extent of the terror we have witnessed is so great we cannot simply proceed with business as usual”, Schallenberg said.

My colleague Charlie Weimers of the Sweden Democrats called Borrell’s announcement “a huge mistake by the EU, which we will not accept”, noting that “a growing number of Member States have initiated their own reviews and suspensions”, including Sweden, and callied on the EU to “join those Member States’ lead.”

“When an entity such as the Palestinian Authority, that is propped up with EU taxpayers’ money, does not condemn the atrocities, slaughter and beheading of innocent men and women - even babies - there needs to be accountability,” Weimers said.

Germany and the EU are the largest funders of the Palestinian Arab terror entity worldwide, with €1.18 billion from the EU 2021 to 2024. According to Israel Behind the News, Germany funded Hamas-allied UNRWA with $210 million 2020, and the EU with $157 million. On November 16, 2021, German Deputy Secretary of State Miguel Berger promised an additional €146 million to UNRWA.

Nearly all UNRWA employees in Gaza are tied to Hamas.

While German foreign aid minister Svenja Schulze announced Monday that €125 million for “Palestine” would be temporarily suspended, Annalena Baerbock’s foreign ministry said it would not be suspending aid. In April 2022, Baerbock pledged an €340 million euros for 2021-2022 to the Palestinian Arabs, despite the scandal surrounding Mahmoud Abbas, who blamed Israel for “50 Holocausts” while standing next to German chancellor Olaf Scholz. After the Simchat Torah Massacre, Abbas claimed it was part of the Palestinian Arabs’ "right to self-defense".

The German government has repeatedly refused to disclose how much German taxpayers' money flows to anti-Israel NGOs in Israel and the the Palestinian Authority territories. In response to repeated queries from my party, the German government stated that German funding for NGOs in Israel and the Palestinian territories is “classified" due to “security concerns.”

The "High Representative" of the EU in Ramallah, Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff, is known for fueling "Palestinian" terrorism and financing illegal Arab settlements with EU tax money.

On June 21, 2022, von Burgsdorff donated €224.8 million to the corrupt "Palestinian Authority". In 2020, von Burgsdorff sabotaged EU efforts to end financing for terrorist NGOs, writing that persons “affiliated to, sympathizing with, or supporting any of the groups mentioned in the EU restrictive lists are not excluded from benefiting from EU-funded activities.”

Even as a member of the EU Budget Committee and Budget Control Committee, it is not possible for me to find out exactly how much money the EU is spending in Israel and “Palestine”. This is not acceptable.

The EU must suspend all funding to “Palestine” until the recipients agree to condemn all forms of terrorism and sit down at the negotiating table with Israel. And Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff must resign or be recalled immediately.

MEP Joachim Kuhs is a member of the Budget Committee and Budget Control Committee in the EU Parliament, and is currently serving as Chair of the AfD Group. He is the chair of the “Christians in the AfD” and lives in Baden-Baden, has 10 children and 15 grandchildren.