Sderot after Hamas attack
Sderot after Hamas attackHaim Goldberg/Flash 90

The horrific massacre of over a thousand people on Simchat Torah has revealed the man behind the curtain of the global anti-Zionist movement and shown it for the vicious and deadly antisemitic movement it has always been.

Before October 7, 2023, it was possible to think that many who supported the anti-Israel cause were simply naïve useful idiots who had fallen for a propaganda campaign initiated decades ago by the Soviet Union and continued today by the United Nations and NGOs that used to stand for human rights Surely, these “peace activists” wouldn’t support acts of genocide, the murder of babies and Holocaust survivors, right?


The demonstrations in support of ‘the Palestinian Arab "cause" which followed the first reports of the massacre in New York City, in London, in Sydney Australia, were demonstrations in support of evil, in support of ISIS clones, of modern-day Nazis.

On Sunday, the Democratic Socialists of America held a rally in Manhattan in celebration of the massacre. Hundreds of people gathered to pay tribute to the worst of humanity. Participants chanted “globalize the Intifada,” a call that can only be interpreted as the desire to expand Hamas’ atrocities to Jewish communities across the world.

These glorifiers of evil chanted “700,” the number of confirmed fatalities from Hamas’ massacre at the time of their demonstration of inhumanity. They chanted “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free,” the favorite chant of Hamas supporters who wish genocide on the millions of Jews in the State of Israel with no regard for its recognition by the UN in 1948. One of the speakers spoke at length of how happy he was that 260 “hipsters” were murdered at a music festival for peace.

In London, Islamists marched and drove through the streets in celebration of the massacre, chanting “Allahu Akbar” and setting off fireworks. One Hamas admirer called the massacre "victory," "beautiful" and "inspiring.” "We need to celebrate these acts of resistance because this is a success," she said.

In the heavily Jewish neighborhood of Golders Green, the windows of a kosher restaurant were smashed, and “Free Palestine” graffiti was written on an overpass just feet away from the restaurant.

Perhaps the most despicable demonstration of evil occurred in an orgy of hate outside the famous Sydney Opera House in Australia. There, Sheikh Ibrahim Dadoun told the 1,000 who gathered to show their hatred of Jews, “I'm smiling and I'm happy. I'm elated.”

“It's a day of courage. It's a day of pride. It's a day of victory. This is the day we've been waiting for!” he said with no shame, about the murder of hundreds of innocent civilians, of God-knows how many babies. This man has a master’s degree in human rights.

The hate-fest continued as the demonstrators demonstrated their support not only for the Hamas massacre, but for the Holocaust itself, and their desire to see the Holocaust repeated. “Gas the Jews,” they chanted over and over again, along with “f-ck the Jews.”

This is what the anti-Israel movement is, and what it has always been.

In 2018, five years ago, I was in the United Nations headquarters in New York, covering their annual International Day of Solidarity with the "Palestinian People." I was there when former CNN correspondent Marc Lamont Hill addressed the delegates and dignitaries and said that “justice demands a free Palestine from the river to the sea.” I was there when he said the world must not “fetishize non-violence” for the Palestinian Arabs. I was there when the entire room of global dignitaries applauded this endorsement of the mass-murder of Jewish people in a UN member country.

Hill’s calls for a Palestine “from the river to the sea” were a call for genocide then, and they are a call for genocide now.

Three days after Saturday’s massacre, Hill commented on the atrocity in a video in which he devoted 30 seconds to condemning Hamas and the next three minutes to condemning and blaming Israel, saying that “the context” behind the massacre must be understood and still maintaining that “resistance is both reasonable and necessary.” The fictitious context, that is.

Even when ostensibly condemning the massacre, he still devotes six sevenths of his message to condemning Israel, and still endorses violence against the world’s only Jewish State. He has in the past called for an end to America’s support for the life-saving Iron Dome system, and still calls for the end of US aid to Israel, which would make it easier for Hamas to fulfill its stated purpose of slaughtering every last Jew. He still calls for the “dismantling of the Apartheid state,” by which he means the dismantling of Israel, which has no Apartheid, as a Jewish State.

The meaning of Hill’s words at the United Nations five years ago found full expression in the communities of southern Israel on Saturday. A Palestine “free” of living Jews, and overflowing with dead Jews.

Hill is hardly alone in his blaming the victims for being slaughtered. At Harvard University, 34 student groups signed a letter holding Israel “entirely responsible” for the violence perpetrated against its citizens.

There were even anti-Israel members of the American Congress who reacted to the massacre by doubling down on their condemnations of Israel. Democrats Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Cori Bush, members of the so-called “squad,” both paid lip service to mourning the victims while calling for the US to cut its aid to Israel in the aftermath of the massacre. Tlaib then displayed a Palestinian flag outside her congressional office. Meanwhile, fellow squad-member Ilhan Omar condemned Israel for retaliating and defending itself from Hamas’ act of genocide. Omar has in the past indulged in antisemitic conspiracy tropes, stating that US support for Israel is “all about the Benjamins, baby” and that “Israel has hypnotized the world.

Outrageously, the United Nations Human Rights Council, a body with a permanent item on its weekly agenda devoted to condemning Israel, an item which exists for no other country and on which sit many of the worst human rights abusers in the world, held a moment of silence for the Palestinian Arabs who were killed in Israel’s retaliatory strikes, most of whom were not civilians, but not for the hundreds of innocent Israeli and foreign citizens viciously butchered by Hamas.

The Human Rights Council, Israel’s critics in the UN, so-called human rights NGOs, and academia love to accuse Israel of war crimes or crimes against humanity and constantly seek to have the Jewish State and its leaders convicted in show trials by international tribunals for any act of self-defense. Even a counter-terror operation in Jenin this year in which not a single civilian was killed - a historic achievement - drew accusations from the UN and others of ‘disproportionality’ and ‘crimes against humanity. But these critics are silent on or seek to “contextualize” the blatant war crimes and crimes against humanity clearly committed by Hamas, the deliberate mass murder of civilians, of women and children, the taking of elderly and child hostages and human shields, the mass rape, the desecration of the bodies of the murdered. To them, Jewish self-defense is a war-crime by definition, while acts virtually identical to the Nazi Einsatzgruppen death squads are at worst going a little too far.

One wonders if the Human Rights Council, those who signed that Harvard letter, and all who share their views would have blamed the Jews for being murdered in the millions by the Nazis, as Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, the ‘moderate’ Palestinian Arab leader, does when he isn’t just denying the Holocaust. But they have firmly put themselves on the side of those who would have enthusiastically supported the Holocaust as it was happening and actively support the creation of a second Holocaust today.

Babies were beheaded. Women raped. Homes burned down with families still inside them. More Jews were killed than in any single day since the Holocaust. And unlike the Nazis, these savages gleefully filmed it all and bragged about their acts of evil to the whole world. They filled social media with videos showing the murder of innocent men, women, and children, of the kidnapping and parading of an elderly Holocaust survivor, of their own children hitting a child they stole from his home.

This is what was celebrated by the more despicable and shameless evil antisemities who crawled out of the gutter to dance and cheer following Hamas’ act of genocide. This is what is being excused by those who still try to hide their antisemitism and pretend that they care about human rights while engaging in blood libels, those like Marc Lamont Hill and those Harvard student groups.

It is no wonder that Jewish residents of Sydney were warned to stay away from the Opera House. It is no wonder that Jewish institutions throughout Europe now need even greater security than usual. Hamas’ slaughter of 1,200 Jews has sent waves of joy through the antisemities of the world, and many are emboldened to attack Jews wherever they are.

The mask is off. The true purpose of the global anti-Israel movement was to facilitate the kind of slaughter we saw on Saturday. That is why they are celebrating now. That is why they make excuses for an act of genocide and seek to hamstring Israel hoping that Hamas will do it again and again until Israel and its millions of Jews are no more.

There are two sides – the side of those who seek to finish what the Nazis started, and the side of basic human decency. Whose side are you on?

Gary Willig is a news reporter on Arutz Sheva.