the north on alert
the north on alertAyal Margolin/Flash90

The IDF has ruled out an aerial infiltration from Lebanon after warning sirens were activated in many communities in northern Israel this evening (Wednesday). The sirens were apparently activated due to a technical malfunction.

Upper Galilee Regional Council chairman Giora Salz had told Channel 12 News that "manned paragliders have been observed entering from Lebanon. We ask all residents to lock themselves down." He called on residents to lock their doors and announced that the members of the council's emergency department should prepare for an emergency.

A suspected 15-20 paragliders were at one point believed to have penetrated Israeli airspace. The same method was used during the Hamas invasion of southern Israel and massacre of of over 1,200 Israelis on Saturday.

Rosh Pina Mayor Moti Hatiel said that the security personnel are securing his community.

An IDF spokesman informed that all residents in the areas where alerts sounded in the north are asked to enter their protected areas and stay there until further notice. Combat helicopters were launched and it is estimated that several unmanned aircraft were launched from the Lebanon area towards the Galilee. Hamas claimed that they fired rockets in the direction of Haifa in northern Israel.

Combat helicopters were dispatched to shoot the potential threats out of the sky.

The IDF later stated that so far no crashes have been detected in Israeli territory so far and no casualties have been reported.

IDF forces scanned the area from the ground and from the air. Residents were instructed to continue to obey the instructions of the Home Command and act accordingly.

A security source stated that it was suspected that the craft that crossed the Lebanese border were sent to attack military bases in central Israel, and not to attack communities in the north.

In the end, the IDF stated that the investigation had found that there had been no infiltration and that the alarms had activated due to a malfunction.

As a result of the red siren alerts in northern Israel, United Hatzalah volunteers have treated nearly ten people who sustained light injuries while running to their protective rooms.

In addition, the United Hatzalah Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit treated a number of people who sustained emotional shock as a result of the sirens.

Earlier, the US government announced that the American embassy in Beirut would be evacuated for fear that Hezbollah would drag Lebanon into another conflict with Israel. American citizens in Lebanon were also instructed to leave the country.