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A wounded Hamas terrorist, one of the thousands who invaded Israel in order to massacre Jewish civilians, was found in the area of the Be'er Sheva Airfield and evaluated in a Magen David Adom (MDA) ambulance to Sheba Tel-HaShomer Medical Center, where many of Hamas' victims are hospitalized.

Several other terrorists are receiving medical treatment in Israeli hospitals, including the Soroka, Barzilai, and Beilinson hospitals, alongside Israelis and foreign nationals who survived Hamas' massacre of 1,200 people on Saturday.

The Health Ministry stated: "The party that transports [the wounded terrorists] is the IDF. The Director General of the Health Minister discussed the matter last night with the Director General of the Defense Ministry to prepare for their treatment in Israel Prison Service facilities and not in civilian hospitals in accordance with the policy of the Health Minister. The dialogue is still taking place between the ministries in the hope of a breakthrough soon."

Following the reports of the Hamas terrorists being hospitalized alongside their victims, Health Minister Moshe Arbel wrote to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the issue.

"Since the beginning of the fighting, the issue of treating the wretched and despicable Hamas terrorists within the public hospitals has caused tremendous difficulty within the healthcare system.

"In these difficult times, the healthcare system should be fully focussed on the treatment of the victims of the criminal massacre, the IDF soldiers, and preparing for what comes next.

"The task of securing and treating the wretched and despicable terrorists within the public health system significantly harms these efforts and therefore, under my guidance, the public health system will not treat them.

"The handling of the matter should be entrusted to the IDF or the Israel Prisons Service, and of course, the Ministry of Health is ready and willing to assist these bodies, as needed.

"I will ask for your immediate guidance to implement this instruction among all the aforementioned bodies," Arbel's letter concluded.

Earlier, it was reported that Hamas terrorists who infiltrated Israel on Saturday have been using credit cards stolen from the homes that they broke into during the massacre.

The families of the kidnapped and murdered, and families living in the Gaza border area, on Wednesday morning said that they looked at their credit card charges and noticed that the cards taken from their homes and from those kidnapped are being used in Gaza.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who was notified of this by the families, said, "I spoke with the CEOs of the banks and credit card companies. The companies are following the lists of murdered and kidnapped (which are not complete lists), and they are also blocking all sorts of purchases from Gaza."