IDF aircraft destroyed the advanced detection systems developed by the Hamas terrorist organization, which were used for the detection of aircraft over Gaza, the IDF reported Wednesday morning.

Over the years, Hamas set up a high-quality network of cameras, hidden inside solar water heaters all around the Gaza Strip, in order to track and monitor Israeli aircraft.

Yesterday, in a few minutes during a focused sortie, the IAF struck all of the sites of the network and demolished Hamas' ability to form an accurate picture of the skies and their efforts to target IDF aircraft.

Early on Wednesday morning, the Gazan "interior ministry" reported an intense IDF air strike in the Khan Yunis area.

In addition, Palestinian Arab sources reported the Israeli air strikes targeted the home of the father of the head of the military wing of Hamas, Mohammed Deif. The sources claimed that Deif’s brother, along with his son and granddaughter, were killed in an IDF air strike.