Never Again
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I’m a proud Jew. A Zionist. Proud Israeli. I stand with my country. I stand with my people. This is our 9-11 moment. Hundreds of dead. Thousands of wounded.

Our youngsters were kidnapped, our women raped. Men, women and children are missing. People beheaded. This is ISIS style beheadings and rapes, for the crime of being Jewish.

As Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan said, Hamas gunned down Jewish revelers just like Nazi death squads in the 1940s.” This was a pogrom. Rape. Murders. Re-read that.

Jews were murdered for the crime of being Jewish. And the world continues. And some have the gall to open their mouths about Israel. Now.

We are at war. Now, at this moment. From UK, USA, Canada, Britain, France, Thailand, Nepal, Germany, Cambodia, China, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, there are victims and missing people.

We will never again be silent. Never again. Hundreds of our people were slaughtered by Hamas-ISIS. And unlike during the Holocaust we have an army and we will fight.

The free world – everyone – has a chance to stand with us or with the enemy. There is no nuance. One can stand with Israel and good, or one can stand with evil. No nuance. You are with us, or you are against us.

Everyone in Israel knows someone missing or dead. We all have missing family members and friends. We are one people. Jews. All of the horrors of wars were perpetrated. We will win.

Israel does not want a ceasefire. We do not want to hear about peace. Never ever again will we be silent as Jews are murdered in the streets. Never ever again. Our enemies will pay the price. And we wont hear criticism. We will live and we will thrive and we will fight.

This is a war of good vs evil. Civilization vs the barbaric.

Anyone who has ever said Never Again? Now is that time. Where are all the Rabbis? All the communal leaders? Where are all the huge ads and TV spots from these Jewish (and non Jewish organizations?) who are so quick to condemn Israel for every and any thing it does that bothers their sensitive souls while sitting in their armchairs?

Remembr “JE Suis Charlie.” After the Charlie Hedbo attack, everywhere was that solidarity. Where is it today? Awfully quiet.

And in cities throughout the world, rallies were held celebrating our deaths. There was also much support.

Among those who support Israel, let's see how long it lasts. This will be a long and painful war. We won't hear any moral equivalency. No "proportionality." None. Zero.

Stand with Israel or stand with the enemy. Period. Speak up. Stand with us. It's us or ISIS. It's Israel and the west or it's radical Islam. Stand with Israel. And if you don’t, we’ll be ok too. Am Israel Chai. The Jewish people live.

But you may be next.

Ronn Torossian is the grandson of a Holocaust survivor and is Chairman & Founder of 5W Public Relations