Shmuel Sackett
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There isn’t a Jew in the world who isn’t asking some very tough questions at this time… and I have my share as well, but let me be perfectly clear in what I am about to write: Now is not the time to ask these questions!

Yes, we need to clarify and understand the failings and tragic errors – and at the appropriate time we will demand answers – but not at this time.

Right now, we need to focus on freeing the hostages and destroying the enemy permanently with no mercy. This must not be an action to weaken Hamas or destroy their infrastructure (expressions we have heard for over 20 years…).

We must totally and completely wipe out every enemy combatant plus their supporters and families. No survivors at all from anyone connected in any way to Hamas. Sounds cruel and barbaric? Too bad. It’s time for Israel to say, “No more Mr Nice Guy”.

I propose a 5-point plan:

1. Wipe out Hamas entirely, as written above; Starting from the top leadership and heading down to all commanders, fighters, supporters and family members. No exceptions.

2. Declare Israeli sovereignty over Gaza

3. Re-establish 20 Jewish communities in the Gaza Strip. Take large amounts of land for farming, build homes, schools, shuls and businesses and develop the beautiful beach area with modern Israeli hotels and resorts.

4. Inform all Arab residents that violation of the law will not be tolerated, and criminals will be punished in the harshest way possible.

And then – the most important part of all (after destroying Hamas):

5. Immediately begin to implement “PARE” – The Program for Arab Relocation and Emigration. This program is simple. All Arabs will have the right to emigrate from Gaza and be paid for any property they own and given financial compensation to relocate out of Israel. Since the whole world loves the Arabs from Gaza, let them take them into their countries.

Many of these Arabs are skilled workers who can contribute to building Europe, Canada or the USA as much as all the migrants of the last few years, and if they come with “cash-in-hand” the welcoming country will easily absorb them into society. It really is a “Win-Win” situation.

Anything less than the implementation of all 5 points above is nothing more than taking a painkiller when you have a serious medical condition. It’s a temporary fix which solves nothing. How many times has the IDF attacked Hamas… only to have them come back bigger and better shortly thereafter?

Does anyone remember that in May of this year – just 5 months ago – the IDF launched “Campaign Shield and Arrow” to end the terror and rocket attacks? What did that accomplish? I’ll answer that; it gave the Israeli leadership a false sense of success and allowed Hamas the time to plan and carry out the horrific slaughter of this past week.

Therefore, we must immediately stop these temporary fixes and solve the problem once-and-for-all. As a nation, we need to stop asking questions about how this happened and focus all of our energy into fighting and annihilating the enemy, reclaiming Gaza and helping the Arabs living there after Hamas is destroyed find a better life for themselves outside of Eretz Yisrael.

Am Yisrael Chai!