Miri Regev
Miri RegevFlash 90

Transportation Minister Miri Regev led the formulation of the emergency plan in case all foreign airlines stop their flights to Israel due to the increase in fighting. The plan was formulated by the professionals in the field of aviation who presented it to the Minister.

According to the plan, aviation hubs (departure hubs) will be operated at four central airports from which flights to Israel will be made via Israeli airlines - the airports are JFK in New York, Frankfurt Airport in Germany, Athens in Greece and the United Arab Emirates Airport in Dubai.

Minister Regev said that "In view of the war and following the fact that some foreign airlines stopped flying to Israel, I instructed the professionals to prepare for the return of the Israelis home. In recent days, thanks to the efforts made, over a hundred thousand Israelis have returned to Israel and since the beginning of Shabbat more than 20 flights have been added to the schedule The original flights were through Israeli airlines. I also instructed Ramon Airport to be prepared to receive international flights."

The office notes that currently there are still many flights to Israel from many destinations around the world and passengers whose flights have been canceled can check the flight schedule and purchase tickets to these destinations and from these destinations to Israel.

During the last few days, in light of the request of the Minister of Transportation, the Israeli companies will increase the flight schedule, mainly to Athens and Larnaca to help passengers whose flights to Israel have been canceled.