Handcuffed terrorist (illustrative)
Handcuffed terrorist (illustrative)iStock

A Hamas terrorist interrogated by Israel has admitted that the "surprise attack" on Israel which led to the outbreak of the war was planned during the course of over a year.

Speaking on Channel 13 News, analyst Zvi Yehezkeli quoted the terrorist as saying, "We prepared for more than a year. The protests in Israel encouraged us."

"Five hours passed until they fired at us. We were prepared with 1,000 fighters, we made 15 breaches in the fence. We were shocked that the IDF wasn't waiting for us."

The terrorist also noted that there had been plenty of time to intercept at least some of the kidnappings.

"The riots on the fence were a deception," he told the interrogators. "We led a family on foot, for two hours, into the Strip without being disturbed. The operation surpassed all expectations."