IDF Spokesman Rdml Daniel Hagari on Sunday addressed the international media regarding the Hamas attack that has left over 700 Israelis dead.

"This weekend, Hamas started a war against Israel with the worst massacre of innocent civilians in Israel’s history. Hamas was more barbaric and more brutal than ISIS," he opened.

"Let me be crystal clear: Israel will respond with determination and force to their unprovoked war crimes.
Hamas murdered hundreds of Israelis — men, women, and children — and took dozens hostage into Gaza. This horrific terror act demands a forceful, determined, and sustained response — which is exactly what we are doing and continue to do.

Our Air Force is attacking hundreds of Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza. We follow international law while exercising our right and responsibility to protect our civilians," Hagri continued.

He added: "The days ahead will be long and difficult… We have paid a heavy price, but we will restore security to the people of Israel. Let me repeat: We will restore security to the people of Israel.

Israeli intelligence indicates that Hamas is hiding among Gazan civilians inside Gazan homes and schools, hospitals, and mosques."

Hagari insisted: "Hamas behaves like ISIS — I repeat — Hamas behaves like ISIS. It’s the same strategy: to maximize civilian casualties in Gaza and Israel and make you all forget the massacre of hundreds of Israelis that started this war in the first place. We will not forget.

Hamas terrorists target Israeli civilians; Israel will target Hamas terrorists wherever they will be in Gaza. We will do whatever it takes to protect our people and restore security to Israel."

Hagari also mentioned Israel's northern border: "We are also looking to the north as well. With full readiness, we are fully coordinated with CENTCOM. General Halevi just finished a conversation with General Kurilla and will keep talking in the next hours again.

Those who attack us from all over the Middle East will face a decisive attack," he concluded.