Elhanan Kalmanson
Elhanan KalmansonCourtesy

Rabbi Benny Kalmanson, the head of the Otniel Yeshiva, tearfully told his students in a voice message that his oldest son, Elhanan, was killed in combat in the Gaza envelope.

"Dear students," Rabbi Kalmanson can be heard saying as his family can be heard crying in the background, "I am forced to tell you that my oldest son, who led many security missions in our area and in the country, volunteered for the rescue mission of the town in the Gaza envelope and fell in battle."

"May the people of Israel be strengthened and defeat our enemies and fight the war of G-d against all those who stand against us. To the soldiers among you: be strong, and we will be strengthened for our nation, for our land, and for the cities of our L-rd."

Elhanan Kalmanson was the brother-in-law of Rabbi Micky Mark, who was murdered in a terror attack seven years ago.