MK Cohen after the battle
MK Cohen after the battleChannel 13 News

MK Almog Cohen (Otzma Yehudit) told Channel 13 News about his part in rebuffing the Hamas invasion.

When the invasion began, Cohen took up arms and joined other Israeli Security forces in what became an hours-long firefight to protect the town of Ofakim.

Cohen emerged unscathed but claims the battle led to a disturbing revelation.

"We had a difficult fight here," he commented. "In the tactical vest of one of the terrorists we killed, we found a map, an aerial image of Ofakim labeled in Arabic, with synagogues, event halls, and community centers all marked in advance. They did not come here to play games - they knew what they were doing in advance."

"There is only one language that you can speak in the Middle East. We must speak in Arabic, not 'civilian'. We endured fierce fighting here, with civilians killed just because they tried to defend themselves. The terrorists chose this neighborhood deliberately, knowing there were no shelters in this neighborhood and that the residents would need to leave their homes to reach one. As our civilians fled, the terrorists killed them."

"We must exact payment in blood. There must be no containment or restraint. I have said always and say again - we must collapse Hamas."