Fighting in southern Israel
Fighting in southern IsraelYousef Mohammed/FLASH90

Journalist Almog Boker published this morning (Sunday) a story of the heroism of the civilian emergency squad at Kibbutz Zikim that saved the residents of the kibbutz in an encounter with Hamas terrorists who invaded Israel.

He says that the members of the squad were deployed on the fence, "mostly in pairs with a radio, though not all of them had a radio." In this way, they planned to prevent the terrorists from entering the settlement.

Boker quoted one of the residents of the kibbutz who said: "Under the trees about 500 meters west of the amusement park on the road was one of the members of the kibbutz, Kobi the hero! He was alone, with neither vehicle nor radio. Suddenly he noticed a minibus that stopped next to him and thought it was an IDF force, but when they pointed an RPG at him he realized that they were terrorists."

"Kobe recovered quickly, opened fire on the terrorists and thanks to this he prevented the infiltration of the kibbutz with his body alone."

"While conducting the firefight," continues one of the residents of the kibbutz, "Machine guns and charges were aimed at him, and forces from the town's squad advanced to his position. At this time he was able to drive away the terrorists, 4 moved towards the west, and 2 towards the nature reserve, and then they fought for about an hour with the town squad. There was shooting and explosions, and at that time 2 members of the kibbutz were injured."

"After about an hour of fighting, a resident of the kibbutz who is also an officer, who happened to be at home, surrounded and closed in on the terrorists and eliminated them near the trees. Kobi and the members of the town squad saved the kibbutz. In the vehicle he came with there is a souvenir and proof that if he had stayed in the driver's seat, he would not be with us today," the resident concluded.