Security forces in Tulkarem
Security forces in TulkaremNasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

Sergeant Major M., the undercover Border Police officer who saved the life of his friend who was seriously injured in a grenade explosion during an operation in Tulkarem, recounted the incident in an interview with Yediot Aharonot.

"He was bleeding all over his body, with shrapnel in his mouth, hands, stomach, and legs. I knew I had to stop the bleeding urgently because if I didn't I would lose him in five minutes. I also knew that it was most urgent to get to the operating table. This is the difference between life and death out there in the field. It was hard under fire. It's lucky that the evacuation was quick and well executed," said M.

He described the moments when the grenade explosion happened: "We arrived early in the morning at a target in the Tulkarem refugee camp, and within seconds of our unloading, an encounter began. We took heavy fire and IEDs, and returned fire as well. We were focused on the target, who began to escape, but we caught him. After about half an hour, our forces began withdrawing into armored vehicles, and then the grenade explosion happened. Through the window of the armored vehicle, I saw the flash of the explosion and heard on the radio: 'We have wounded operators.'"

M. discovered that one of the injured was the unit's paramedic. "He told me: 'Get me out of here as soon as possible.' I put a tourniquet on him to stop the bleeding in his hands and legs. Uncontrolled bleeding is a difficult situation. There is no way to help except to stop the bleeding and to race to the operating room. While treating him, the gunfire continued, ours and theirs. As far as I was concerned the bullets were just background noise. My wife also texted me: 'What's going on? Good morning,' and I answered her, 'Everything is fine.'"