IDF forces in Samaria
IDF forces in SamariaIDF Spokesperson

New footage from the helmet cameras of the Border Police operators was released this evening, showing the exchange of fire this morning between the security forces and the terrorists in the Tulkarm refugee camp.

The terrorists, who seriously wounded three operators, positioned themselves near the wall in a side alley, threw IEDs at the troops, and attempted to kill and injure the Israeli forces.

As Israeli forces left the refugee camp, they received a warning about an attack nearby, near the settlement of Avnei Hefetz. The forces moved there to eliminate the terrorists and ran into a more complex scenario including exchanges of fire.

The condition of the three wounded operators, who were seriously injured in the action, is still serious. One of them is sedated and ventilated, but his condition is stable and there is currently no danger to his life. The second injured person, who was transferred to Belinson Hospital, is in the operating room. The third operator who was seriously injured underwent emergency surgery for several hours, and his condition has stabilized.

The director of the Vascular Department at Laniado Hospital, Dr. Anton Kabasha, said upon leaving the operation: "This is nothing less than a miracle. The operator sustained many shrapnel wounds in his upper and lower limbs, with a real fear of damaging the arteries. Fortunately, no shrapnel hit the arteries."

Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai came to visit the operator and his family members.