Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי
The EU's top diplomat, Josep Borrell, said that "immigration could put an end to the European Union", only to later add that due to demographic suicide Europe needs more immigration. Borrell said: “The demographic evolution of Europe shows that we need new blood and it does not appear that this blood comes from our ability to procreate.”

12.000 "new blood” persona just landed in Lampedusa, Italy.

Personally I have nothing in common - which does not mean that I have anything against - with Moroccans, with Tunisians, with Algerians, with Nigerians (perhaps only a bit with the latter half-Christians). Nor with the Libyans or the Malians. I have a lot to share, however, with the Irish, the Welsh, the Latvians, distant but still closer than the Senegalese, and I have a lot in common with the Jews... and with those who have the same roots of my culture and identity.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, progressivism coined the expression "happy globalization". It was the future unsurpassed hegemony of globalized free trade. Now the left sponsors the “happy creolization” (their term). In the words of the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, “crossbreeding is the means for the lyrical illusion invested in communism to be perpetuated after communism, it is the new version of the metaphysical desire for the end of history”.

Something similar lies in the arguments against Israel: demands for ending the Law of Return, for a binational state…

The use of biological language by Borrell's left is interesting (“new blood”). For the Socialist Party in power in Spain, immigration is an "important opportunity for cross-breeding".

The European Union has plans for how to “rejuvenate” the continent's rural areas through immigration from the Third World. And if the UN speaks of "replacement migration", UNESCO advocates the mixing of cultures to put an end to racism.

It is an ideology, writes the French CNRS scholar, Philippe d'Iribarne: "The unconditional welcome of immigrants has become a religion with the prophets of the camp of Good who preach the beautiful 'openness to the Other' in the face of ugliness, 'withdrawal into oneself'. The Other becomes a sacred figure that contrasts with the diabolical figure of those who reject those who do not resemble them”.

The historian of ideas Pierre-André Taguieff, once a point of reference for the anti-racist left and today a conservative thinker, wrote of this "mixophilic dogmatism". According to Taguieff, it is "a new political religion" seen as "an ethnocide" associated with the "immigrationist and Islamophile discourse" and the "project of erasure and of origins and identities”.

The leader of the French left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, predicts “creolization”: “By 2050, 50 percent of the population will be of mixed race.” And on TV a few days ago he openly said: "I am for creolization and mass regularization of illegal immigrants." Mélenchon had already stated, a few years ago, that "he could not survive when there were only blond people with blue eyes". We would need psychology to explain this rather fascinating ethnomasochism.

Race? Blood? Crossings? In Marseille, where the Pope has just gone to praise immigration, half the population is North African or black African. There is no crossbreeding, there is ethnic-religious conquest.

The crossbreeding is also praised by financial newspapers such as the Financial Times: "Europe must prepare for demographic replenishment by Arabs and Asians." Tony Barber, renowned FT columnist, speaks of "new blood" brought to Europe by migrants.

Where are they taking Europe? To the Pew Forum's “high migration” scenario. 20 to 30 percent of Islamic Europe. They hope for "creolization", but it will be conquest instead.

Swedish artist Jason Diakité, stage name “Timbuktu,” may not be a fine thinker, but he got the point across when he posted a message to “all black and brown people in Sweden,” telling them that “demography is from our share. We are 25 percent in the country with roots outside Europe. We are here."

The more European societies decompose, the more their destroyers sing of the hybrid, mixed, recomposed world with a sort of artificial joy. The more reality disavows political correctness, the more politically correct becomes radicalized. But if it is true that there are limits to the denial of reality and progressivism cannot win, it can make us all lose.

And Europe will be, without taking too long, a "welcoming kasbah".