Terrorists on Wednesday hurled a firebomb at an Israeli bus adjacent to the Palestinian Arab town of Azzun. The firebomb did not hit the bus.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that IDF soldiers entered the town and conducted searches for the terrorists. During the searches, a violent riot was instigated in which terrorists hurled firebombs, improvised explosive devices and rocks at the forces, who responded with riot dispersal means.

The soldiers apprehended two terrorists who hurled firebombs, improvised explosive devices and rocks and transferred them to security forces for further questioning.

No IDF injuries were reported.

Earlier on Wednesday, the IDF took the unusual step of blocking the Arab town of Huwara in Samaria to traffic due to incidents of rock-throwing by Arabs against Jews in the area.

The road was reopened after several hours.

“Following a number of incidents during which rocks were hurled at Israeli vehicles that drove on the route of Huwara over the last few hours, it was decided to close the route to Palestinian vehicles for approximately three hours, in order to position the security forces in the area, as well as preserve the safety of civilians and prevent confrontations. The route has now been re-opened,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

On Wednesday morning, a three-year-old girl was injured when Arabs hurled rocks at the vehicle in which she was traveling in Huwara.

The child was treated by military medics at the scene and did not require evacuation to the hospital.

Wednesday morning's incident was the second time this week that a young child has been injured in a rock attack. On Sunday, terrorists hurled rocks and firebombs towards vehicles traveling between Homesh and Shavei Shomron in Samaria. A baby in one of the targeted vehicles was injured by shattered glass.