The 68th Jerusalem March
The 68th Jerusalem MarchDana Bar Simantov

Over 60,000 participants from around the world took part today (Wednesday), during the Sukkot holiday, in the 68th Jerusalem March.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion said: "I was very excited to welcome tens of thousands of marchers from 90 countries and from all over Israel. It warms the heart to see the love Jerusalem receives. It's an uplifting soulful experience. Happy holiday and joyous celebrations."

The march, marking its 68th year since its establishment, is the oldest and largest march in Israel, and has become a tradition during the Sukkot holiday. This year saw a record number of countries and participants. Over 60,000 participants, including many delegations from across the country and dozens from 90 countries around the world, took part and marched through the unique landscapes of the city. Among the participating countries: the USA, Angola, Bolivia, Bulgaria, China, Italy, Chile, Indonesia, Brazil, Fiji, Taiwan, Singapore, Norway, Australia, Canada, Japan, and more.

The Jerusalem March included three main events this year: Morning Routes through Jerusalem's stunning nature trails, a giant picnic for families in Sacher Park, and a festive parade through the streets of the center of Jerusalem led by the Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion, accompanied by the police orchestra and security forces. Additionally, the march featured marching bands, IDF soldiers, street artists, dance groups, flag bearers, and more. These were accompanied by giant dolls of characters from children's fairy tales and fantasy, a Brazilian band, dancers, and other attractions that made the event particularly festive.

The Jerusalem municipality stated: "The Jerusalem March is the highlight of the Tishrei holiday events led by the Jerusalem Municipality, including the main Slichot events at the Sultan's Pool, Safra Square, and neighborhoods, a Sukkah at Safra Square, the Saharana (a Kurdish festival held on Sukkot), and other events."