Simcha Rothman
Simcha RothmanYonatan Sindel/Flash90

MK Simcha Rothman (Religious Zionism) voiced harsh criticism against the police after it arrested five suspects who spat at churches and Christian believers in Jerusalem.

Rothman attacked Channel 12, which reported that his brother Rabbi Natan Rothman led the marchers who spat at the Christians: "Inbar Twizer and N12 don't deal news but rather libel and lies."

My (righteous) brother marched today at the head of a group of about a thousand people, and I was with them as well, praying and marching around the walls of the Temple Mount," Rothman remarked. "Torah ideas were said; they danced, prayed, and sang. During the march, police arrested a boy who they claimed spat at someone yesterday."

Rothman explained: "Anyone can come to and leave this march whenever they want. We walked past churches, monks, Muslims, Christians, and more."

Rothman then attacked Channel 12 and Twizer: "Whoever puts a headline that my brother, or I, are connected to someone who spat, or didn't spit, is not a journalist. She's a crook who publishes libels and gives a bad name to the journalistic profession."

According to him, "Only once you click on the article do you see that there is no claim of spitting or a connection between the act of spitting and my brother. But the headline already sullied his name, defamed him, and caused division."

Rothman added, "And to the police, who use intelligence to arrest people who harm others because of religion, I say, 'Good, there were 18 incidents where prayer services were disturbed on Yom Kippur. I am waiting for arrests. All the intelligence is on the internet; don't search too much.' For some reason, Twitter doesn't allow me to post the video of the window from which they spat and poured water on me and my family during the march."

In total, police arrested five suspects for allegedly spitting at Christians in the Old City of Jerusalem. One of the suspects allegedly spat at the owner of a Christian shop that sells crucifixes, and the others were filmed spitting at tourists in a video that was later published to social media, causing a wave of condemnations from across the political spectrum. The suspects are being charged with assault.