Rock attack (illustrative)
Rock attack (illustrative)Yaakov Goelman/TPS

A three-year-old girl was injured Wednesday morning after Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs hurled rocks at the vehicle in which she was traveling in Samaria.

The rock attack, which occurred in the PA town of Huwara, left the preschooler lightly injured.

She was treated by military medics at the scene, and did not require evacuation to the hospital.

This is the second time this week that a young child has been injured in a rock attack. On Sunday, terrorists hurled rocks and firebombs towards vehicles traveling between Homesh and Shavei Shomron in Samaria.

One of the rocks hit a vehicle and shattered its window. An infant who was riding in the vehicle was lightly injured by the broken glass.

A military force joined up with the vehicle, and military medics examined the infant, who was treated and bandaged at the scene. She did not require evacuation to a hospital.