Yisrael Ze'ira, head of Rosh Yehudi
Yisrael Ze'ira, head of Rosh YehudiAvshalom Sassoni/FLASH90

The Rosh Yehudi organization, through its attorneys, appealed once more to the Court of Administrative Affairs and requested its intervention in order to reach a compromise regarding the holding of the Simchat Torah dances in Dizengoff Square, an event which was canceled by the Tel Aviv Municipality.

In the appeal, it was stated that the court suggested holding the hearing on the issue on Tuesday or Thursday, and that the representatives of the organization were ready to appear on Tuesday, but the municipality could not send a representative.

"I wondered how it is not possible for the legal department of the Tel Aviv municipality to remove one attorney from the department in order to appear for the hearing," wrote attorney Uri Israel Paz.

He stated that "the petitioners will not gain any benefit" from holding the hearing on Thursday and he will abandon the petition and will harm the right to appeal a future decision.

Therefore, Rosh Yehudi asked the court to make a decision that will lead to a compromise between the parties: "The middle ground is for the honorable court to give its decision based on what is written before it. This outline does not harm the litigants and especially the respondent who presented all the arguments, but it provides an answer, even if only partially, to the interests of the petitioners who are entitled to receive a decision immediately. What's more, the respondent agreed to render a judgment on these facts. It would be just for the court to approve the proposed outline and give its decision immediately."