The village of Asa'el, inset the scarf that was hit
The village of Asa'el, inset the scarf that was hitMoshe Shai/Flash90

A hole was found in the headscarf belonging to a resident of Asa'el in the southern Hebron Hills this morning (Monday) as a result of a bullet that was shot into the village last night.

The shots were fired by terrorists at the Jewish community. No one was injured, but several buildings were damaged. IDF forces were called to the scene and began searching for the shooters.

The hole in the headscarf
The hole in the headscarfCourtesy

After the hole in the headscarf was discovered, Minister of Settlements and National Missions Orit Strock, who visited the scene, wrote: "The greatness of miracle in Asa'el can be seen in the headscarf. Two terrorist bullet holes, not only in the wall of the workroom but also in the headscarf of the homeowner, a mother of five children."

Strock quoted the verse from Psalms, "You have delivered me from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling," and wrote: "Thank you, Hashem, for this great miracle! The residents of Asa'el deserve that we work a whole lot more for them, and that's what we'll do with G-d's help."

She added: "Yesterday, I sat with the village secretariat, the security coordinator, and the regional council security officer. After years of discrimination and neglect, I, for the first time, am budgeting, planning, and executing the installation of security systems for the young settlements. We began installing many security systems this year in these communities, some of which for the first time since their establishment, and we will work hard to complete the project."