Prayers in Tel Aviv
Prayers in Tel AvivRosh Yehudi

The judge of the Administrative Affairs Court in Tel Aviv, Magen Altuvia, on Sunday evening called on the Tel Aviv Municipality to compromise with Rosh Yehudi on the upcoming Sukkot events that were canceled by the municipality, after the protest riot at the Yom Kippur prayers in Dizengoff Square.

"The parties will take advantage of this time period to continue negotiations in good faith, with the intention of reaching a settlement outside of the court. In general, it is suggested that the parties consider the possibility of allowing Petitioner 1 (Rosh Yehudi) to hold the Tishrei holiday events in a public area, other than the one requested or in a complex/property owned or controlled by the Respondent (the municipality), which is at least partially out in the open, in a way that will allow the petitioners to hold the events according to their beliefs and taking into account the character of the city and its residents and will allow the respondent to maintain order and safety of all sectors of the public, including through the Israel Police," Altuvia wrote.

Earlier, the organization released a statement, in which it noted that the reconciliation efforts with the Tel Aviv Municipality regarding Sukkot events that were planned and canceled did not lead to a positive result.

The statement explained, "Unfortunately, since the court's decision on the eve of Sukkot that the parties must reach a compromise, Rosh Yehudi has strived to reach a reasonable compromise with the Tel Aviv municipality, but at the end of the discussions held by the parties, the municipality rejected any attempt at a compromise. Petty politics defeated logic, common sense and public welfare."

Rosh Yehudi insisted that it did not violate the law and because of the postponement of the compromise, the organization will prove its position in court and demand that the Tel Aviv municipality reinstate the license that had already been granted. "We reached out for a reasonable compromise, and we are still open to this compromise in order not to reward the troublemakers," the organization said.

On Sukkot eve, Judge Altuvia dismissed Rosh Yehudi’s petition against the Tel Aviv Municipality's decision to deny permits for Sukkot events.

However, the court asked the Tel Aviv Municipality to "immediately join negotiations, in an attempt to reach an agreement that would satisfy all parties in the spirit of the holiday and out of respect to all sections of the general public in Tel Aviv."

Minister of Interior Moshe Arbel (Shas) responded to the judge's decision, "A day when a judge in a district court does not know the plain language of a basic law is a day of judgement for the system. The judicial system desperately needs trust and that is not how it is built."

Chairman of the Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee, MK Simcha Rothman (Religious Zionism), commented, "The events in Tel Aviv had potential for the judicial system to demonstrate that they are protecting society against governmental tyranny, discrimination and arbitrariness. Instead, we are evident that there is no connection between a court with infinite power, unparalleled in the world, and the protection of rights, or of the Jewish and democratic State of Israel."