The lawyer of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan came to a televised debate with a senior member of the current administration in the country, Afnan Ullah. Later, the discussion between the two deteriorated into a physical confrontation.

The confrontation got out of control after each side accused the other of treason during the popular program "Cal Talk."

The former leader's lawyer claimed that the current administration is committing injustices and corrupting senior military officials.

In the video, the two are seen exchanging punches, when at a certain point the senior member of parliament pins the judge to the floor and slaps him.

"I believe in non-violence, but this was a lesson for Imran Khan, they can't show their face anymore, they have to wear black glasses all their lives," the MP wrote.

About a year ago, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan was ousted and arrested several times on charges of corruption. His supporters claim that this is a coup and his opponents, who are currently in power, claim that this is a corrupt leader who should serve a long prison sentence.