Israel Dog Unit volunteers
Israel Dog Unit volunteersIsrael Dog Unit

Volunteers from the Israel Dog Unit are encountering difficulties in the search for the missing 33-year-old Itamar Shlizinger, whose traces disappeared a week ago at the entrance to Kfar Ein Hod.

Itamar apparently got into a car accident in Ein Hod inside the village. According to testimonies, he raced towards the closed exit gate, collided with the gate, and his vehicle overturned near the forest. What happened next is unclear. When the police arrived, his tracks had already disappeared. It should be noted that the village is located near Kibbutz Nir Etzion in the Zichron Yaakov region.

The Israel Dog Unit raised a number of suspicions due to reports that after the accident, many of the village went after him. "Did he manage to escape from the angry crowd? Did they catch him? Did he fall in the field? Did he manage to escape?"

Meanwhile, the searchers are at an impasse. Some of the residents of the village even accused the searchers of "collaborating with a Jewish terrorist and with a plot to occupy the village." Many of the villagers demonstrated against their presence at the entrance to the village and hindered the progress of the search.

The Israel Dog Unit reported that the police are giving a limited envelope to the searchers at this stage due to a lack of resources and a large number of murders in the area in recent days.

Terrain and hot weather make it even more difficult for searchers who are facing harsh search conditions, compounded by a hostile environment without sufficient police presence at this stage of the search.

Yosef, one of the searchers who claims to have been verbally attacked by the villagers who blocked his progress in the search deep in an open area, said: "I understand that the residents are angry and that the police are having trouble containing all the crime and incidents in the sector. There is definitely a lack of manpower. And they are doing what they can. But it is not acceptable for us to be In a situation where we will not be able to properly exhaust the searches due to threats and other obstacles."