Dedication of a lookout point
Dedication of a lookout pointKol Rina

Three new lookout points were inaugurated last week in memory of terror victim Rina Shnerb in preparation for Sukkot.

The lookout points were erected in Eshtemoa, Yatir, and Peni Kedem with the assistance of the "Kol Rena" association and with the participation of members of the Shnerb family, who were very excited at each of the events and thanked the residents who joined in the establishment of the lookouts.

In Eshtemoa, the residents and volunteers of the "Kol Rina" association planted an orchard with several types of fruit trees and a vineyard next to the observatory overlooking the amazing view of Mount Hebron.

"Blessed are we that thanks to Rina, we continue to build the Land of Israel, and the Land of Israel gives its fruits in a beautiful way and unites all parts of the nation," concluded Rabbi Eitan Shnerb at the dedication of the orchard.

These three lookouts joined dozens of observatories all over the country that were built in memory of Rina Shnerb.

The CEO of the 'Kol Rina' association said: "The association is happy to assist in the establishment of lookouts and gardens all over the country. This week, we were excited to be at the inauguration of three lookouts, which join the more than forty that have already been erected in recent years all over the country in memory of Rina."