In this week's exploration, we delve into a seemingly straightforward question: "Why do we sit in a Sukkah on Sukkot?" The Torah itself provides a clear directive that we should sit in Sukkot so that future generations will remember that Hashem placed us in Sukkot when we departed from Egypt.

Yet, as we investigate further, a series of intriguing questions emerge. Were these Sukkot physical structures that Hashem provided, or were they represented by the protective Clouds of Glory that accompanied us - these are the two options the Gemara provides. Intriguingly, we do encounter a place called Sukkot in the narrative shortly after our departure from Egypt. What's the significance of this connection?

Join us on this journey as we unravel the layers of meaning behind sitting in Sukkot. We aim to shed light on the deeper symbolism and historical context that surrounds this unique Sukkot observance.