Elisha Yered
Elisha YeredChaim Goldberg/Flash90

Elisha Yered, the man who was seriously injured when he was struck in the head by a stone in a near-lynching near the Palestinian Authority town of Burqa, received an order this week barring him from Judea and Samaria for six months.

Yered was one of a group of Jews who came to the aid of a Jewish shepherd who was attacked by a mob of Arabs in early August. He was arrested for shooting and killing one of the Arab rioters after he was struck in the head by a stone, even while he remained in the hospital.

The order also forbids Yered from meeting with Rabbi Menachem Ben Shahar, one of the teachers at the Homesh Yeshiva, as well as a number of other Jewish activists.

In the last year, Rabbi Ben Shahar led the headquarters of the fight against Arab terrorism, leading a series of demonstrations at intersections after terrorist attacks that took place at those places. Yered served as the spokesperson of the protest movement.

Rabbi Ben Shahar, who became aware of the order this morning, strongly criticized the IDF commanders who issued the order. "I was amazed this morning to discover that in an unimaginable way, Central Command General Yehuda Fuchs and the Jewish department of the Shin Bet decided to break new records of harassment against the settlers, and to try to eradicate the protest we are leading against the incompetence of the security system through dictatorial and unprecedented measures."

Rabbi Ben Shahar added: "This is a clear attempt to silence us that is reminiscent of the conduct of dark regimes. This is a legitimate and broad protest of residents who, on the whole, go out to cry out in the streets about how their lives have been made cheap. But instead of listening to their cry and embarking on a determined fight against terrorism - the Commander-in-Chief and the Shin Bet are acting in a desperate attempt to forcefully silence criticism, to cover up their failure in the face of terrorism."