Hanoch Milwidsky
Hanoch MilwidskyIsrael National News

MK Hanoch Milwidsky (Likud) told Channel 12 News in an interview on Thursday that Judge Yitzhak Amit will not be the next President of the Supreme Court.

Amit is slated to replace President Esther Hayut upon her retirement in accordance with the seniority system.

"We'll see who will be [the next President], he won't be," Milwidsky said in Thursday’s interview. "We'll find a way to do it, he is not a suitable candidate."

"Judge Amit reinvents the law every time he sits on the bench," he claimed. "He believes that he is a kind of super-legislator and his rulings are saturated with this from head to toe. I do not discredit the judge and do not slander him. I say that I do not agree with what he does."

Milwidsky was asked in the interview about the Incapacitation Law, which the Supreme Court discussed on Thursday, and was asked why not postpone the applicability of the law to the next Knesset and, if it is not a personal law enacted to help Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, why the rush to legislate it so quickly?

"We don't need to explain to the court why not and why yes, and the public understands," Milwidsky replied. "We will not delay the law because they tried play games with us and threaten us."