Yitzchak Wassarlauf
Yitzchak WassarlaufIsrael National News

Left-wing demonstrators have found a solution to the restrictions against protesting near the house of Minister Yitzhak Waserlauf in Tel Aviv.

The protesters decided that starting today, every evening at 7 o'clock, the neighbors would go out to the balconies to make noise for five minutes.

Messages distributed by the protesters read: "Since the police don't want to let us, even stand and chat on a bench in the street, we decided to step it up with a protest from the balconies."

The neighbors were instructed by the protest activists that "from today and every evening, exactly at seven, for 5 minutes we will try to fill the street with our voices, from all the balconies on the street. Bring horns, whistles, flutes and megaphones."

At the end it is written: "Together we will remind the neighbor every evening how happy we are near him".

MK Zvi Sukot came to visit Minister Wassarlauf at his home to encourage him and said: "I came to strengthen my friend Minister Yitzhak Wassarlauf at his home in the face of the people who are trying to make his life miserable in order to get him to leave Tel Aviv."

MK Sukkot added: "Together we will put an end to the persecution of religious and right-wing people. We can live and move around anywhere and of course we will continue to do exactly what we believe in. They will not break us!".