The UN Human Rights Council holds a meeting on cyberbullying
The UN Human Rights Council holds a meeting on cyberbullyingnone

The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council held on Wednesday the first debate on cyberbullying against children.

The speakers at the debate warned of the devastating impact of cyberbullying on children, including on their mental health, education, and social development. Among the more prominent speakers was Yoni Chona, an Israeli cyberbullying expert who brought a professional overview of the phenomenon and how to combat it.

Yoni Chona, founder and co-director of "Mazmihim," the leading organization to reduce violence, told the representatives of 200 countries present in the hall that cyberbullying is a complex problem, which must be addressed on several levels. According to him, one of the serious problems in dealing with online bullying and abuse of the variety of platforms is the lack of training on the part of those entrusted with the children's education.

"Most of those who harm children are children who do not currently have adult social agents who are present in the same places, with technologies and means where the children are present. We have not experienced these types of communication and we are not there to teach the younger generation how to drive there," Yoni explained.

Meta's director of safety policy said the company works to ensure children are safe on its social networks. She noted that Meta has policies about what is acceptable to share on the platform, and uses a combination of user reports and proactive technologies to enforce those policies. Meta also provided tools, including anti-bullying features, to its users.

Nada Al-Nashif, Deputy High Commissioner of the United Nations for Human Rights, stated that cyberbullying is a significant global problem, exacerbated with the use of new technologies and the evolving digital environment. She noted that 130 million students, or one in three students between the ages of 13 and 15, suffer from bullying on the network

The representatives of the committee concluded that rapid digital technological developments may help the children of the world fully exercise their human rights in a variety of fields, but there is an obligation to also stand up to the dangers that the digital world brings with it, and therefore there is importance in holding the discussion, delving into the issue, and continuing activity.

On Thursday Yoni Chona will meet with representatives of 30 countries who asked to hear closely from him, as a renowned expert, about the way he leads the fight against bullying and violence in schools and about the future of the phenomenon.