Justice Minister Yariv Levin
Justice Minister Yariv LevinOliver Fitoussi/Flash90

Justice Minister Yariv Levin discussed Thursday's Supreme Court hearing on two petitions requesting that it interfere and invalidate the Incapacitation Law.

"The hearing that is being held today in the court is, in practice, a hearing on overturning the election results. No whitewashed name can hide this simple truth," Levin stated.

"The rejection of the Incapacitation Law would mean that a clerk, as senior as they may be, can take powers that were never granted to them, something from nothing, and discuss the option of removing a sitting Prime Minister in contrast to the election results. The petitioners want to depose Prime Minister Netanyahu so they can end the right-wing rule. They failed at the polls, and now they want to overturn the election results. The result of this would be that Israel would no longer be a democracy but rather a regime of people who put themselves above the people. Above the decision of the voter at the polls."

He added that "the court is again looking to get involved in a Basic Law without any authority to do so. It again puts itself above the government, above the Knesset, above the people, and above the law."