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Dear Democrat Party Senator: All the talking heads are explaining how the only way to convince you guys to vote for a Saudi deal is if we Israelis are screwed.

And while I appreciate that there may be no greater pleasure for you and the Israelis who have been encouraging you to screw us than to somehow force Binyamin Netanyahu to make major sacrifices to the “one state solution” Moloch, I would like to suggest that with around 400 days left before the November 2024 elections that you put practicality ahead of passion.

Harming Israel feels good but it doesn’t get you any extra votes.

The voters who want to see Israel harmed are already voting for your party.

So who should be the address when you think of the pay-off needed to garner your support for a Saudi deal?

Remember "It's the economy, stupid."?

Right. Don't be stupid.

Remember when the Saudis rebuffed President Biden's efforts to convince them to keep oil prices down before the 2022 elections?

Mr. Biden was on the right track but lacked the traction.

The Saudi deal provides this traction.

Low gasoline prices up to November 2024 is a win-win:

- Voters go to the polls happy that gasoline is cheap - they only find out after their votes are counted that the relief was temporary.

- The Russian and Iranian are screwed by the reduced revenue.

- The lower oil prices renders the American shale oil you despise not economical and discourages, in general, the development of domestic fossil fuel sources.

An American-operated enrichment facility in Saudi Arabia which includes features which render it inoperable in the absence of the American technicians is hardly science fiction.

So take a break from the lobbying of the Israelis and their American allies urging you to force Israel to make dangerous sacrifices "for its own good" and do what's good for the November 2024 elections.

"It's the economy, stupid."

Dr. Aaron Lernerand his late father Dr. Joseph Lerner founded the Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA) government accredited news organization in 1992,which provides an ongoing analysis of developments in Arab-Israeli relations.